Allen, TX

- - LEXA Sport, a renowned sportswear brand recognized for its quality and innovative technology, is proud to announce its partnership with Cross City Soccer Club, located in Allen, Texas. This exciting collaboration establishes LEXA Sport as the official supplier of the playing kits, training equipment and travel clothing for the prestigious football club.

Cross City Soccer Club, currently competing in the UPSL league, has been a leader in developing world-class training programs for players of all ages. This strategic partnership with LEXA Sport will not only provide teams with a distinctive look on the field, but will also ensure quality and optimal performance during training sessions and travel.

The custom uniforms provided by LEXA Sport are made with cutting-edge technology in sports fabrics, designed to offer comfort, durability and functionality. This focus on innovation and performance is fundamental for both LEXA Sport and Cross City Soccer Club as they seek to raise standards both on the field of play and in training.

"We are delighted to partner with Cross City Soccer Club," said LEXA Sport Representative. "Our commitment to excellence in sports uniform manufacturing aligns perfectly with the club's philosophy of quality and player development. We look forward to being an integral part of their success on the field."

LEXA Sport uniforms are not only a symbol of identity for the teams, but also reflect the shared dedication towards continuous improvement and optimal performance. This partnership not only strengthens LEXA Sport's presence in the world of soccer, but also cements Cross City Soccer Club's reputation as a leader in sports development.

About LEXA Sport:
LEXA Sport is a renowned sportswear brand that specializes in manufacturing custom uniforms using innovative technology in sports fabrics. With a focus on quality, performance and comfort, LEXA Sport has become a preferred choice for high-performance sports teams across the country.

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This partnership between LEXA Sport and Cross City Soccer Club represents an exciting chapter in the world of soccer and highlights the importance of quality uniforms that improve performance on the field of play.
03 enero 2024

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