Fort Myers, FL 

LEXA Sport, a renowned sports apparel design and manufacturing brand, is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Stovi Stars Soccer, a leading sports camp and program organization in the state of Florida. This exciting collaboration aims to design and supply official uniforms for Stovi Stars Soccer players, focusing on the quality and customization of the garments.

Stovi Stars Soccer programs and camps have earned well-deserved recognition for their commitment to youth sports development in Florida. Now, with this partnership with LEXA Sport, they will be able to offer their players custom-designed uniforms that not only reflect their identity as a team, but also ensure optimal performance on the field.

Custom uniforms play an essential role in team cohesion and boosting player confidence. The ability to identify with the colors, design and quality of your uniforms has a significant impact on morale and determination on the field of play. Furthermore, the quality of these uniforms not only refers to the aesthetic aspect, but is also directly linked to the athletic performance of the players.

“We are delighted to partner with Stovi Stars Soccer to provide them with uniforms that not only reflect their identity as a team, but are also designed to the highest quality standards,” said the LEXA Sport spokesperson. "We recognize the importance of uniforms in the world of sport and how they can influence player performance. Our goal is to provide garments that are not only visually appealing, but also offer comfort, durability and freedom of movement for athletes. can give their best on the field.

This partnership between LEXA Sport and Stovi Stars Soccer reinforces the commitment of both parties to sports development and player success. High-quality official uniforms will play a critical role in the growth and continued excellence of Stovi Stars Soccer programs in Florida.

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02 enero 2024

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