Sugar City, Idaho

Leading sports performance brand, LEXA Sport, is proud to announce an exciting partnership with Sugar-Salem High School in Idaho. This strategic collaboration focuses on providing high-quality, customized game uniforms for the Sugar-Salem High School boys basketball team, recognized for its outstanding participation in state and national competitions.

LEXA Sport understands that differentiation and quality are essential in the world of competitive sports. In this partnership with Sugar-Salem High School, the importance of individuality and excellence in performance will be reflected in custom uniforms that will give the team a unique identity on the field.

The sportswear brand prides itself on providing not only unique uniforms, but also garments designed with the highest quality of fabric and advanced technology. This partnership not only seeks to outfit the team, but to elevate their game through apparel that not only looks impressive, but also enhances the athletes' performance.

"At LEXA Sport, we believe that every detail counts in sport," said Benjamin Perales of LEXA Sport. "Our uniforms are not only an expression of style, but also a tool that provides comfort and enhances performance on the court. We are thrilled to partner with Sugar-Salem High School and be a part of their path to excellence."

The LEXA Sport uniforms for Sugar-Salem High School will reflect the synergy between innovation in design and excellence in textile technology, highlighting the team's dedication to excellence. This partnership strengthens both parties' shared commitment to providing athletes with the tools necessary to achieve their sporting goals.

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January 08, 2024

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