Dallas, Tx

LEXA Sport is proud to announce an exciting partnership with the distinguished soccer team FC Dallas DYNAMO. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the sports industry, cementing a strategic alliance to outfit the team with official game uniforms, training equipment and travel apparel of the highest quality.

FC Dallas DYNAMO, a formidable competitor in UPSL Division One and a leading contender in several domestic competitions, has demonstrated an undeniable commitment to excellence on the field. In this sense, the choice of their uniforms becomes crucially important, and that is why they have selected LEXA Sport as their official clothing supplier.

The alliance between LEXA Sport and FC Dallas DYNAMO goes beyond aesthetics. It focuses on the creation of unique and personalized uniforms that integrate the highest quality in fabrics and the cutting edge of technology in sportswear. These uniforms not only represent the team's identity, but also offer comfort, durability and optimal performance on the field of play.

"We are delighted to partner with FC Dallas DYNAMO," said Luis Rojas of LEXA Sport. "Our commitment to innovation in design and quality is reflected in every garment we create. We can't wait to see this team stand out even more wearing our cutting-edge uniforms."

For its part, the FC Dallas DYNAMO team has also expressed its enthusiasm for this partnership. "We chose LEXA Sport because of their reputation in the industry and their dedication to providing top-notch products," said the team president. "We are confident that this partnership will take us to new levels of performance and will distinguish us in every competition."

This partnership represents the perfect fusion between LEXA Sport's expertise in creating high-end sportswear and FC Dallas DYNAMO's tireless commitment to excellence on the field of play. Together, they are ready to set a new standard in sportswear.

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January 05, 2024

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