We're often asked from where we derived the name LEXA and if it has a meaning. While creating a brand with the purpose of revolutionalizing custom sportswear, we knew we needed something bold and powerful. Something distinct and sleek. LEXA was a clear choice because to represent the very best, we had to incorporate the 'X' into our logo. In the realm of sports, the letter 'X' carries a profound significance, embodying various elements that define and elevate athletes to extraordinary heights. From the elusive X factor to the symbolic representation of perfection, let's delve into the multifaceted meaning of 'X' in the world of athletics.

The X Factor:

The term 'X factor' is often used to describe an intangible quality that sets certain individuals apart, propelling them to greatness. Athletes possessing the X factor exhibit a unique combination of skills, mindset, and charisma that goes beyond the measurable metrics. It's the unquantifiable essence that transforms good athletes into legends, making them stand out in the competitive arena.

X Marks the Spot:

In sports, 'X marks the spot' is not just a phrase but a strategic concept. Athletes constantly navigate the playing field, seeking that precise location where their skills align with opportunity. Whether it's positioning for a game-winning shot, intercepting a pass, or executing a perfect dive, athletes strive to pinpoint the strategic 'X' that maximizes their chances of success.

Solve for X:

The mathematical concept of 'solving for X' finds a parallel in sports, where athletes face challenges and equations on and off the field. Athletes engage in problem-solving – be it deciphering an opponent's strategy, overcoming injuries, or adapting to changing game dynamics. The ability to solve for 'X' reflects an athlete's capacity to analyze, adapt, and find solutions in the pursuit of victory.

X is 10:

Beyond its alphabetic role, 'X' transcends into the numerical realm as the Roman numeral for 10. This symbolic representation signifies excellence, as athletes aim for perfection in their performance. Attaining the perfect 10 is a timeless benchmark, whether it be in gymnastics, figure skating, or diving, illustrating the relentless pursuit of precision and mastery.


The letter 'X' embodies the pursuit of perfection in sports. Athletes continually strive for flawless execution, pushing their boundaries to achieve excellence. Whether it's a flawless routine, a perfect throw, or an impeccable race, the quest for perfection motivates athletes to refine their skills, embrace discipline, and maintain a relentless focus on continuous improvement.

In the dynamic world of sports, the letter 'X' symbolizes the intangible qualities, strategic precision, problem-solving acumen, numerical excellence, and the relentless pursuit of perfection that define exceptional athletes. Embracing the multifaceted significance of 'X' empowers athletes to elevate their performance, leaving an indelible mark on the annals of sporting history.

01 enero 2021
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