Toronto, Can.

LEXA Sport is proud to announce an exciting partnership with the TORONTO GTA Footgolf team to supply their official playing uniforms. This strategic collaboration aims to equip the team with high-quality apparel as they compete in national and international leagues.

Footgolf is a fascinating fusion of football and golf that has rapidly gained popularity around the world. The TORONTO GTA FOOTGOLF CLUB, recognized for its skill and dedication to the sport, represents excellence in the discipline and competes in some of the most prominent events at the national and international level.

The alliance between LEXA Sport and TORONTO GTA FOOTGOLF CLUB underscores the shared commitment to excellence, innovation and passion for the sport. The uniforms provided by LEXA Sport not only offer comfort and functionality, but are also designed to improve athletes' performance in every match and tournament.

"We are delighted to partner with the Footgolf TORONTO GTA team," said the representative, from LEXA Sport. "Our goal is to support the growth and development of the sport by providing quality products that help players reach their full potential. We look forward to seeing great achievements together on the field of play."

The TORONTO GTA FOOTGOLF CLUB team also expressed their excitement about this new partnership. "We are excited to join forces with LEXA Sport. "Having top-notch uniforms is crucial to our performance in competition, and we are confident that this collaboration will help us achieve our goals."

Both parties look forward to future events and competitions where the TORONTO GTA FOOTGOLF CLUB will showcase their skills with the new LEXA Sport uniforms, thus reinforcing their commitment to excellence and sporting performance.

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28 diciembre 2023

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