Lite, Elite, & Rec Soccer Uniforms

Compare our 3 options (Elite, Lite, & Rec) to determine which is the best fit for your organization


The world's most electric custom uniforms. Designed with every detail in mind to make you stand out and play well.

  • Premium Performance Fabrics
  • Professional Patches and Logos
  • One-of-a-kind Custom Designs
Cost: $59


Use our online Kit Creator and choose from hundreds of designs. Then unleash your creativity by personalizing it with your colors, fabrics, fonts and logos.

  • Quick Process
  • Many Designs
  • Multiple Customization Options
COST: $39


A quick and easy option for teams and leagues that want good kits with value pricing.

  • Choose a Design and Color
  • Select from our Logos - Or Add your own
  • Be playing in 2 weeks
COST: $29