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More than a club; it's a movement, a force that unites soccer aficionados in a shared passion for greatness both on and off the pitch. Our players hail from diverse backgrounds, bringing a rich tapestry of skills and values that elevate the beautiful game to new heights of influential potential throughout the communities we serve.

LEXA FC athletes benefit from a unique combination of three foundational cornerstones:

  • Swag: Monthly Drops of exclusive product created soley for the enjoyment of LFC Athletes
  • Serve: Opportunities to participate in LEXA-coordinated community outreach and service activities.
  • Strike: Engagement Activities designed to unite and strengthen our soccer community.

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Collaborating with LEXA Sport in an influencer partnership is a seamless journey of creativity, entrepreneurship, and shared success. Here's how the magic unfolds:

  1. Co-Design Brilliance: The influencer collaborates with LEXA Sport to co-design a unique, personalized product. Whether it's a signature jersey, exclusive sportswear, or a cutting-edge accessory, the influencer's creative vision becomes a tangible reality.
  2. Presale Extravaganza: Before the product hits the shelves, a thrilling presale period begins. The influencer takes center stage, promoting the exclusive collaboration across their social platforms. This is the time to build anticipation, engage the audience, and spark a buzz around the limited-edition merchandise.
  3. LEXA Takes Charge: While the influencer focuses on fueling excitement, LEXA Sport takes care of the nitty-gritty. Operations, production, and fulfillment are seamlessly managed by LEXA's expert team. From handling orders to ensuring top-notch quality, every aspect is meticulously executed.
  4. Profit Power to the Influencer: Here's where the magic happens! For each item sold during the presale, the influencer retains the profit. LEXA Sport understands the value of collaboration, ensuring that the influencer not only co-creates a stunning product but also enjoys the financial fruits of their promotional efforts.
  5. Audience Connection: Throughout the presale, the influencer stays connected with their audience, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses, exclusive content, and fostering a sense of community around the collaboration. LEXA Sport's product becomes not just a purchase but a symbol of shared passion.
  6. Fulfillment Excellence: As orders pour in, LEXA Sport ensures swift and reliable fulfillment. The influencer can rest easy knowing that their followers will receive a product that meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
  7. Celebrating Success: At the end of the presale period, it's time to celebrate joint success! The influencer revels in the positive impact on their brand, the engaged community, and the financial gains, while LEXA Sport basks in the glory of a seamlessly executed collaboration.

In essence, a collaboration with LEXA Sport is a win-win journey. The influencer contributes creativity and promotion, while LEXA Sport brings operational excellence to ensure a successful, mutually beneficial partnership. It's a fusion of influence and innovation, creating a lasting impact in the world of sports and lifestyle.

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