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Mesquite, TX – LEXA Sport, the trailblazing leader in custom sportswear, is thrilled to announce an exclusive partnership with the Texas Outlaws, bringing a new era of style and performance to the 2023-2024 MASL season.

As the official outfitter for the Texas Outlaws, LEXA Sport will take center stage in outfitting the team with cutting-edge, custom-designed uniforms and travel gear. Recognized across the league for their unparalleled design and top-tier quality, LEXA Sport uniforms are set to redefine the standard for sports attire, capturing the essence of the Texas Outlaws' spirit and identity.

The Texas Outlaws, known for their tenacity and skill on the field, will now showcase their strength and unity with uniforms meticulously crafted by LEXA Sport. The collaboration represents more than just a partnership; it's a fusion of two entities dedicated to excellence, pushing boundaries, and leaving an indelible mark on the sports landscape.

Expressing Identity Through Design: LEXA Sport's commitment to personalization takes center stage with the Texas Outlaws' custom-designed uniforms. The collaboration goes beyond aesthetics, allowing the team to express their identity, values, and unique journey through every stitch, color, and design element.

Setting the Bar for Quality: LEXA Sport's reputation for premium quality precedes them, and the Texas Outlaws are poised to experience the epitome of sports apparel craftsmanship. The uniforms are not just a symbol of the team's unity but a testament to LEXA Sport's dedication to providing athletes with the best in comfort, durability, and performance.

Empowering the Texas Outlaws: "We are thrilled to partner with the Texas Outlaws, a team whose passion and determination mirror our own commitment to excellence," says Benji Peralez, spokesperson for LEXA Sport. "Together, we aim to empower the players, inspire their fans, and elevate the entire MASL experience."

Fan Excitement and Limited-Edition Releases: As part of the collaboration, LEXA Sport will release limited-edition Texas Outlaws fan gear, allowing supporters to share in the excitement and pride of the team. From jerseys to travel accessories, fans can immerse themselves in the same high-quality design that their favorite athletes will be proudly donning on the field.

About LEXA Sport: LEXA Sport is at the forefront of custom sportswear, combining innovation, design, and quality to empower athletes and teams to express their unique identity. With a commitment to excellence, LEXA Sport redefines the boundaries of sports apparel, creating a platform for athletes to showcase their individuality.


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November 28, 2023

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